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Eggs from Merlin's farm

Today open: non-stop

Opening hours

Monday non-stop
Tuesday non-stop
Wednesday non-stop
Thursday non-stop
Friday non-stop
Saturday non-stop
Sunday non-stop

Fresh eggs

from our happy hens from the free range of our Merlin's farm to purchase in the Phönix restaurant (note the restaurant opening hours), in the vending machine by the information office in Merlin’s Camp (nonstop) and in the Merlin's Farm (note Merlin's Farm opening hours).

Pack         Price per Pack (pcs)
6 pcs           2,10 € (0,35 €/pcs)
10 pcs          3,50 € (0,35 €/pcs)
30 pcs*         10,50 € (0,35 €/pcs)
60 pcs*         21,00 € (0,35 €/pcs)

* Purchase only in the Phönix restaurant

If you don't know where to find our Merlin's Camp, take a look at the map of our area.


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